Aquae Foundation

Aquae Foundation

Contributing to social progress and
personal development

Aquae Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose main aim is to become a benchmark in thought and reflection on a new model of growth and responsible economic and social development: a model in which natural resources, and water in particular, are used more sustainably.

Its actions and projects seek to foster research, knowledge and experience while developing and transferring smart technologies, thereby contributing to people’s social progress and promoting sustainable economic and social transformation.

Innovation and talent are the central pillars of this transformation process, which is supported by research, technological innovation and professional excellence.

Foundation Aquae Areas of Activity

Areas of Activity


We foster the generation, exchange and dissemination of knowledge of water and sustainable development through training actions, support for research and publicising knowledge.


We promote a model of a creative entrepreneurial society with a vision for change.


We carry out actions to meet our commitment to non-discrimination and the social and work integration of people with disabilities.


Based on collaboration with public and private agents, we support activities that contribute to improving the quality of life of people and groups at risk of social exclusion.


We foster and disseminate art and culture, open to diversity and new artistic expressions and formats.

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