Authorisations and SEPA mandates


Send us the authorisation form and delegate the management of your account

If you need to delegate someone to carry out procedures and formalities regarding your supply contract, you need to authorise this person to do so.


What kind of authorisation do you need?

  • General authorisations: required before a third party who is not the account holder can:
    • Request duplicate bills
    • Manage payment and debt settlement procedures
    • Update details for billing purposes
    • Change bank details for payments
    • Process claims
    • Update contact details, including phone and email
    • Activate e-billing

The authorisation will remain valid until you, as the account holder, notify us of the authorisation's retraction or the account is no longer in your name.

  • Authorisation to contract services: required before a third party can handle a particular contract-related procedure in your name, for example: requesting a supply connection, cancelling the supply or handling a change of name.


How do I process the authorisation?

  1. Download the type of authorisation you require.
  2. Fill in the required data and sign it.
  3. Send it through the Contact section, attaching the identity document of the account holder and the authorised person.
  4. Specify the type of authorisation.


Send us the SEPA mandate to set up direct debit

This is necessary to certify ownership of the bank account by the holder and to set up the direct debit of water supply bills.

  1. Download the SEPA mandate .
  2. Fill in the required data and sign it.
  3. Send it through the Contact section, specifying the address of the water supply and the account number.